Must-Have Breastfeeding Products!

  1. Milkies Milk Saver– Breastmilk is like liquid GOLD I tell you. I didn’t realize when I began my breastfeeding journey that every time you nurse, the other side (regardless of if baby is nursing on that side) WILL in fact letdown milk. Catch that milk and store it for later! I stay-at-home so I don’t necessarily need a huge stash. I have a decent-size stash just from using my Milkie’s Milk Saver and have enough for a few date nights! How awesome?! I didn’t have to pump, all I do is grab my milk saver and I am adding to my stash. It is so easy. You can store each amount in the fridge and then combine it so you have a good size amount to freeze.IMG_20170216_111238_485
  2. Lanisoh Storage Bags-These bags are perfect! They can hold up to 6 oz!  They have a tab at the top for you to record the date, volume, time, and name so you know when it’s good until and you have info on there if your kid goes to child care somewhere. I haven’t had any problems with these. They don’t leak and keep the milk fresh for later use.

            Tip: Lay them flat in the freezer so they don’t freeze bulky. Once they are frozen, you can stand      them up and store them upright to save some space in your freezer 

  1. Medela Breastmilk Storage Bottles: I use these every. single. day. Especially from the very beginning! Every time I get milk from my Milkie’s Milk Saver, the milk goes into the bottle and into the fridge. At the end of the day, I transfer all of the milk into a freezer bag. These are so easy to use. They can hold up to 5 oz (possibly 6 if you are a risk taker) and keep the milk nice and fresh for later use. 20170316_132539.jpg
  2. Lanisoh Therapearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Hot/Cold Packs- No one prepared me for the pain of breastfeeding. I thought “Our bodies are designed for this. It must be easy.” Prior to having our baby and beginning breastfeeding, my hubby said, “I have no idea why any moms wouldn’t breastfeed. It is SO good for your baby and you!” After experiencing the beginning pain of breastfeeding, I get it now. It can be excruciating but once you make it past those initial 6 weeks, I found it got so much better and was a great bonding experience.

            DISCLAIMER: We totally understand that some people CAN’T breastfeed for one reason or another             and completely support all moms in their decisions.

These hot/cold packs were a GAME CHANGER for me. I overproduced so the ice really helped my     milk regulate and relieved so much pain from cracked and sore nipples. I recently had to use the             hot packs due to a clogged duct (ouch!) and I was able to get rid of it in a day. I can’t tell you how       many tears were shed prior to using these 3-in-1 packs. They truly saved my breastfeeding         relationship with my daughter! I wish I had had them from the very beginning!IMG_20170316_132058_088.jpg

  1. Lansinoh Lanolin-I remember those first 6 weeks like they were yesterday. The toe curling the moment my baby latched on and when I letdown. My nipples were cracked, sore, burning, and bleeding. It was awful. I wish I had used Lanolin from the beginning. It may have prevented ALL of that. I quickly started using it when I couldn’t handle the pain and it really helped relieve the pain and let my nipples heal from the constant nursing. I strongly suggest stocking up on this and having it ready before baby comes.IMG_20170316_132201_418.jpg


            The First Years Lanolin-Free Nipple Butter- Some people react differently to Lanolin. I would      grab some of this just in case you can’t use Lanolin. I actually prefer this over Lanolin even though I        am not allergic to Lanolin. It really goes on like melted butter! My nipples were in so much pain at         the beginning it hurt to apply Lanolin (probably because I waited too long to protect my nipples and          they were that bad) so I was thankful to find another alternative that didn’t hurt to apply. This stuff            works great and I still use this religiously!IMG_20170316_132119_245.jpg

  1. Disposable Nursing Pads- I found that the cloth nursing pads weren’t for me. My baby is 6 months old and I still let down about 1 oz each feeding on the opposite side baby isn’t nursing on. I was soaking those pads like there was no tomorrow. It was also very painful to have my sore nipples touching wet fabric. It was chafing them even worse than they already were (OUCH!) My all-time favorite nursing pads are Target’s Up & Up Disposable Nursing Pads. I have found they last the longest, are the most comfortable, and are super budget-friendly. One box lasts me a little over a month. I suggest stocking up on disposable and reusable nursing pads and then decide what works best for you!IMG_20170316_132257_786.jpg
  2. Milkmaid Covers Nursing Cover-I strongly suggest Milkmaid Covers! They are adorable, budget-friendly, lightweight, and versatile! Your cover works for a cute poncho to wear out or a car seat cover as well. I loved having that during the newborn stage to protect my little one from germs. They are very lightweight which is perfect for those warm summer months and breastfeeding.
  3. Medela Breast Pump- Even if you aren’t pumping every single day, a pump is super handy! I use mine all of the time even as a stay-at-home mom. Some nights your little one sleeps extra long (SCORE!) but you are super engorged and need to relieve some milk. I refuse to wake a sleeping baby. I learned that lesson early on.  A pump is perfect for that! It’s also perfect for creating a little stash so you can have some bottles ready or extra milk for making baby food. I love my Medela Pump in Style Advanced. It is a dual pump which saves you so much time! It’s super efficient with a 2 phase expression to signal a letdown and different speed/vacuum settings to choose what’s best for you. Tip: Check your insurance! Most insurance companies will give you a free pump.IMG_20170311_233118_600.jpg
  4. Boppy Nursing Pillow-These are awesome! I strongly suggest having one with you in your hospital bag. At the beginning you baby is so little and it requires you holding their tiny head to ensure a good latch. Let me tell you, your arm will be so tired and exhausted from holding your baby to nurse. The Boppy really helped me. My arm was getting exhausted and it truly felt like a workout to nurse! This pillow really helped me. I still use it and my little one is 6 months! It’s also versatile. You can use it for tummy time and for propping up baby when they reach that stage.

            These are my must-have breastfeeding items! Best of Luck and        Happy Nursing!! 

Moby Wrap vs Lillebaby vs Baby K’tan

baby-carrier-competitionMy first blog post- Yay! In this post, I will share a comparison between the Moby Wrap, Lillebaby Complete All Seasons, and Baby K’tan.

Here below is the Moby Wrap Carrier. I will be honest, I didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about this wrap at the beginning. The wrap was so long that I was getting tangled up in it, I was wrapping it wrong, and I just couldn’t get it tight enough. After some time, I grew to love this wrap. It takes a while looking at the long fabric figuring out where everything goes, but once you do it is a lifesaver. As you can see, my hubby is a fan as well!

I also learned that different Moby Wrap carriers have different materials. I recently borrowed my sister-in-law’s wrap that she bought a few years back and I fell in love. The wrap I purchased is very stretchy which means a little more adjusting throughout the day while her’s had absolutely no give. I don’t mind the stretchy material too much but it is something to note if you are looking to purchase!

Some pros: Soft material, stretchy to fit all body sizes, newborn hold & infant hold, holds sizes 8-35 lbs, perfect for around the house

Some cons: Stretchier material, very long fabric, takes practice learning to wrap, can’t face baby outward.

Now onto my personal favorite: Lillebaby Complete All Seasons  in Stone. I absolutely love this carrier. It is worth every last penny. One of the main reasons I love to babywear is because it allows you to not let life get in the way of those precious snuggling moments. The Lillebaby is my go-to for grocery shopping, hiking, family outings, church, and pretty much any outing where I need my hands to be free. Not only do I love this, but so does my hubby and baby girl is a fan as well!

Pros: Strong, sturdy, six positions, very gender neutral for mom or dad, lumbar support, head support for baby, hood for weather conditions, fits newborn-45lbs!, no infant insert needed, 2 way shoulder straps, and zipper pocket.

Cons: Price is a little on the higher end, takes some adjustments depending on who is holding baby.

Can you tell I’m a big fan? I really don’t have much negative to say about the Lillebaby. One thing I wish I had are drool pads and bibs because little miss loves to suck on the shoulder straps and I would like it to stay in good condition for the next baby(ies). 14582234_1096602973780677_1905660578165161984_n

Also, the pup is a big fan of the Lillebaby too. Can you tell? 😉 She enjoys the long hikes! We actually hiked for 7 MILES this day!!! She slept the majority of the time because it is so snuggly. I carried her for 5 miles and daddy carried her for 2 miles. I love being able to share my love of the outdoors with her at such a young age.

Last but not least, the Baby K’tan. The Baby K’tan is my least favorite carrier; however, that being said, if it’s all you got, it is better than nothing! This is considered a wrap but all of the wrapping is pretty much done for you. You just slip it around you neck, slide your arm in and place baby in. So easy! Perfect for short periods of time and for around the house or family gatherings.

Have I mentioned that I love to babywear at family gatherings? It is a nice, subtle way of avoiding the “pass the baby” game and spreading germs. There will still be some people that won’t take the hint but for the most part, people will understand and will give you and baby space. Can you say “BONUS”?!


One of the huge setbacks  to the Baby K’tan is that it comes in different sizes. I can use a size small while my hubby can’t use it at all. Plus, as my little one gets bigger she will eventually not fit in it. There is also hardly any back support with the majority of baby’s weight being directly put on your shoulders-OUCH! Hence why it’s good for short periods of time or around the house.

Pros: Easy to put on, personalized to body size, price, 8-35lb, breathable, comes in 5 sizes

Cons: Specific sizing, no back support, baby may outgrow it


I hope this article helps and I look forward to hearing from you! Let me know what carriers you love. 🙂 Whatever you choose, best of luck and happy babywearing!


xoxo Merry Mama