An Easy Guide to Throwing a Baby Sprinkle

An Easy Guide to Throwing a Baby Sprinkle


Baby sprinkles are definitely a newer trend so you may have some questions. That’s why I have created this easy guide to throwing a baby sprinkle! Let’s start by covering some of the basics!

What is a baby sprinkle?  A baby sprinkle is more of a low-key get-together to welcome a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth….) baby to your family.  As opposed to a much larger event where a first-time momma is “showered” with tons of gifts, it’s much smaller and the mom gets sprinkled with just the necessities (diapers, wipes, soap, lotion) to add to the baby items they already own from previous babies. It’s a great way to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy without throwing the standard baby shower.  🙂



My Experience

I recently hosted a baby sprinkle for a friend who is having her SECOND boy!  We are so excited for her! It’s difficult for moms pregnant with their second (or third, or fourth….)  babies because people seem to be less excited (especially if it’s another of the same gender). I firmly believe each baby is a blessing and deserve to be celebrated! So I took charge and texted our bible study group to throw a small baby sprinkle. Everyone has different ideas on how to host a baby sprinkle and that’s totally okay. I was going for a super small, laid-back, cheap, and EASY baby sprinkle. Here’s what I did. 🙂

  1. Pick a date: Group chat makes planning things SO much easier! I simply messaged everyone except the baby momma and came up with a night we could get the dads to all watch the kids so we could have a girl’s night. No fancy invitations. Just a group message of about 6 women. Sprinkles really can be this easy!

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  1. Plan food: We messaged her hubby and found out her favorite pregnancy cravings.  Her latest favorites were chicken quesadillas with sriracha. Easy enough! We decided to do a chicken quesadilla bar and divvied up who brought what toppings. We had the chicken made the night before and set out the griddle. When everyone arrived we all made our own quesadillas and cooked them together. It was so fun (and yummy!!)


  • Sprinkled doughnut holes I went to my favorite donut shop, Dunkin’ Donuts and special ordered some of their glazed munchkins and asked them to sprinkle them. They turned out adorable! The donut holes were about $6. Then I went to Walmart and found a 25 count of 8” lollipop sticks for $1.47 and stuck those through the doughnut holes and made a little bouquet of doughnut holes. These were a huge hit and I will not say how many of these I indulged in. 😉   IMG_20170603_091810_887
  • Cupcakes: I just went for the good ol’ funfetti cake mix. Cheap and easy. I bought decorating icing found in the party aisle at Walmart. I’m not sure if this actually made much of a difference or not as I haven’t tried to use an icing tip before but it worked out well! I bought food dye and a cupcake decorating tip kit and went to work. Topped them off with some rainbow sprinkles and voila! Super cute and tasty. IMG_20170602_232417_729
  • Chocolate covered sprinkle pretzels: I found a bag of generic pretzel rods, white chocolate bark, and (you guessed it) more sprinkles! These were so pretty and made for some cute decorations as well!
  • Drinks: We had a variety of drinks and mocktails for the pregnant ladies. Again, we just all signed up for what we would bring that way the cost of the sprinkle wasn’t weighing heavy on any of us.



  1. Choosing a Theme: This was an easy decision. I went with a rainbow sprinkles I thought the “sprinkles” theme was fitting for a baby sprinkle. 😉 She actually had a miscarriage after her first. This was her rainbow baby so I thought the rainbow aspect would make it extra special. IMG_20170602_232417_715.jpg


  1. Decorations: I really didn’t decorate too much as all of the pretty desserts acted as decorations. I did find some polka dot balloons from Target that went with their “Hello Baby” polka dot plates, cups, and napkins. They were close enough to sprinkles and looked adorable! We inflated a few of the balloons at our local dollar store and that added a lot to the sprinkle vibe. I also went to work on making a “SPRINKLED WITH LOVE” This was the more time-consuming item out of everything. I thought it really pulled everything together and was fairly cheap to make. I found the glitter sticker letters at Michael’s for under $6 with a coupon (I am totally a coupon queen) and teal scrapbook paper that I cut the triangles out of. I stuck the letters on and taped them to some ribbon I had and ta-da! Very easy and it really turned out cute!


  1. Gifts: This is totally up to whoever is hosting but we did decide to do some small gifts. The last time she had a baby in diapers was close to 3 years ago so we knew she could use some help on that end. We each bought our own gift and she had a decent stash to get them going once their little baby arrives. Someone even thought of getting activity books for the older sibling. I thought that was a super sweet idea!


  1. Having Fun: Some people may choose to do games, but we kept it simple and just sat around the table snacking, drinking, chatting, and simply enjoying time together. It was a wonderful time together and we are SO happy for our friend.


XOXO One merry mama


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