Cloth Diapering

Cloth Swim Diaper Comparison

Cloth Swim Diaper Comparison


Hey all! During this blog post I am going to show you some differences between two swim diaper brands and explain their features! We will be looking at a One Size Swim Diaper by BB Littles and a Fitted Swim Diaper by My Swim Baby.



My Swim Baby:

The My Swim Baby Swim Diaper comes in select sizes. When selecting a size, it’s best to consider weight, leg circumference, and waist circumference. Usually there is a chart to help you navigate what size to buy but it is important to consider each area. This can be a pro or con depending on how you look at it. I’m not a fan of fitted diapers whether they are basic cloth or swim diapers. It limits how much you can use them and I feel like it is wasteful which is the opposite of why most people cloth diaper. On the other hand, if you measure and select correctly, you have a perfect fitting diaper. I ordered based on size and the diaper didn’t fit. It’s a bummer when they out grow them because you end up having to buy more sizes of diapers over their diapering years.

Side snaps on one size make for easier diaper changes but I have found it is still a struggle to get the diaper on and off as opposed to my BB Littles.

IMG_20170605_195218_247 (1).jpg

BB Littles:

BB Littles diapers are a one-size diaper. They are designed to fit sizes Newborn through size 5 or 6-36 lbs! That is AMAZING and unlike other swim diapers out on the market! They have snaps that adjust around the waist and tummy providing different sizes that will work for most babies newborn-3 years old! They are even working on creating a swim diaper for babies that are a little larger. I love the idea of the one size fit because I can get so much use out of my swim diaper and I only need to invest in 3-4 swim diapers over her diapering years as opposed to investing in size small, medium, large, and extra large.

BB Littles has side snaps on BOTH sides. SAY WHAT?! They rock. It makes it so easy for diaper changes and putting the diaper on and off. Just another reason why I love my BB Littles.




My Swim Baby:

Each swim diaper will run you about $10 (obviously depending on sales) which is a great option if you aren’t big swimmers and you know for certain what size your baby will need. If that’s you, this is a good option. I accidentally made the mistake of investing in size small only to discover that we needed mediums so in the long run it cost us a lot more to buy fitted diapers. If you are big swimmers or live in an area where swimming is an option year round, it will be easy to spend $30 per each size and then you will have to buy more when your child outgrows them. If you have to buy 3 for each size, you’re looking at possibly $120 for swim diapers that may only fit for short periods of time (or not at all). So it is and it isn’t budget-friendly. It just depends on what you are looking for.


BB Littles:

Their diapers are $18.99/diaper but there are sales occasionally. Even without any sales, you are talking about $60 TOTAL on swim diapers for your baby from newborn-3 years of age. I think that is well worth it for diapers you know will be extra loved and used for years!



My Swim Baby:

This is what got me to buy their diapers in the first place. Ruffle bums… I couldn’t resist. I love the girl and boy prints. They are adorable and very fun!


BB Littles:

They have some adorable gender-neutral prints. They don’t have as wide of a selection but again, they are all about getting the most for your money. If you buy gender neutral diapers, you can use them for multiple babies making them extra affordable and reusable.



Overall, my heart really lies with BB Littles. I chose reusable swim diapers because of their affordability over time. BB Littles win by a long shot with their one size swim diaper. Overall cost is lower because of the one size option and gender neutral selection. As much as I love girly things, gender neutral will save more money by not having to invest in more boy-ish styles if we have a boy later on. Either are great diapers for different reasons. You have to decide what’s best for your family. Best of luck and happy swimming! 🙂

Use Code: ASHLEYM15 for a discount on your BB Little’s Purchase!

*I received free product for my honest opinion.



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