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My Birth Story- Husband’s Point of View

Here we are, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet girl. My dad did a wonderful job taking photos! 🙂

Once we got home from the hospital, I told my husband I would like him to write down my birth story before it all became a blur. I find it interesting to read it from a different perspective (from someone who didn’t experience the pain 🙂 ). I read so many birth stories before I gave birth to my first hoping to gain the courage to overcome my fear of birth.

One thing I realized after giving birth was that no amount of birth stories, books like Ina May’s “Guide to Natural Child Birth” (wonderful read nonetheless) , or friends can prepare you for childbirth. No one’s story will be yours. No one can explain pain to you because pain is subjective.

I attempted to do natural child birth. I took a lot of natural childbirth classes, read many books, and tried a lot of relaxation methods. In the end, I was induced and eventually got paid medicine. But I am okay with that. 

“In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9

My biggest advice for you is to not put too much weight on your plans. Plans change so quickly especially child birth plans. I looked at my birth plan that I had written up and just about everything was the opposite of what I had planned. Regardless of whether you do it naturally, medicated, via c-section, or vaginally: you should be PROUD.

Be proud of the life your body created over 9 months. That is amazing. Giving birth is incredible. What our body’s go through, how we recover, the life we created. WOW! All of that to say, here is my story. Enjoy! 🙂

My Birth Story: 

The evening of Saturday August 27th Ashley started having contractions.

To see if we could keep the contractions going, we got buffalo wings for dinner and went for a walk at the park, which was cut short by lightning and thunder a short distance off.

The contraction continued and eventually got to 7 minutes apart lasting 1 minute long.

Around 11pm I went to bed hoping that Ashley would wake me saying it was time to go to the hospital. During this time, Ashley sat and bounced on a ball.

At 1:30 a.m. she did just that. She had thought that her water may have broken and since she tested positive for group b strep we needed to go.

We arrived at the hospital at 2 a.m. where they quickly admitted her. After running the test, twice, the nurse, Amanda, confirmed that Ashley had not broken her water. She was dilated to 1 cm and her cervix was still thick.

Since it was so close to her scheduled induction ( the next day at 5am August 29), they decided to stay. Ashley was due August 20th and she was 8 days late.


Ashley and I walked the halls of the nursery wing until 6 a.m. to see if we could get Ashley’s contractions to intensify. They did not. We hung out, danced to the music we brought, and watched The Office.

So at 6 a.m. on August 28th Ashley was started on a very small dose of Pitocin.

At 7 am the nurse, Amanda, ended her shift and another nurse took her place.

Labor didn’t really pick up. Contractions were more frequent, about 2 minutes apart, but Ashley was only dilated to 1.5 cm. However, she had become slightly more effaced.


By 8:30am I had met my daily goal for steps taken.

At 10 a.m. our doctor broke Ashleys waters. That’s when things started to really pick up.

Ashley had back labor for an hour or two which switched to front labor. The counter pressure that had worked during the back labor stopped working. Ian rubbed Ashley’s feet while she smelled lavender essential oils and did “ohms”.

We put lavender essential oils on a cotton ball. Lavender is known for helping relaxation. We did not diffuse it because we weren’t sure how Ashley would respond to it.

Ashley was supposed to get checked again at noon. By 1 p.m she still hadn’t been checked and was laboring hard. We both thought she was dilated to at least a 4, maybe an 8, but probably closer to a 6. Her contractions were long and hard with very little time in between them.

At 2 p.m, 2 hours late, a nurse finally checked Ashley. She was still at 1.5cm and had not progressed at all.  There was an emergency c-section that had taken most of the nurses which was what caused the delay and was now occupying the anesthetists. If she wanted an epidural it would have to wait 1.5 hours at a minimum.

Ashley needed something right away if she still had 8.5 cm to go so she got a narcotic through her IV. Ashley called her mom who showed up shortly afterwards. She brought a 6” Italian B.M.T for me on Italian herb and cheese bread with Harvest Cheddar Sunchips. Ashley felt really drugged up because of the narcotic and decided to not get that anymore.

About 2 hours later the anesthetists finally arrived. They were very friendly. Ashley’s mom left the room and Ian held Ashley while she got the epidural. It wasn’t that bad. Ashley held very still. It took a little time but they finally got Ashley’s back to stop bleeding from the epidural.

Once the epidural was in place, the Pitocin was pumped up, Ian took a short nap, and labor progressed.

During Ian’s 1.5 hour nap the nurses checked Ashley and she was at 4cm.

Around 2 hours later Ashley started feeling stronger contractions. Ian and Ashley’s mom massaged her feet and fed her jello and chicken broth. She really liked the chicken broth!


At approximately 7:30 p.m., Ashley said she felt pressure in her bottom and was feeling contractions in her vagina. Tina went and got a nurse. Amanda had just returned from her 12 hours off and checked Ashley. She was fully dialated and ready to push. Amanda was really excited and said she couldn’t wait to get back to the hospital to see Ashley.

A short while later Ashley started pushing. Her doctor showed up to help deliver the baby about 30 minutes after beginning pushing. When Ashley was pushing, our daughter’s heart rate started dropping a little so Amanda had her breathe oxygen between pushes.

After 30 minutes of pushing our baby’s black hair started poking out. Ashley reached down and could feel little girl’s head.  30 minutes later after one long push,  our baby girl squirted out like toothpaste from a tube in the hands of a toddler.

Ashley’s mom cut the cord because Ian didn’t want to.


After briefly wiping her off Ashley held her little girl to her chest for a few minutes to have skin-to-skin while the doctor stitched up Ashley’s second degree tear.


Our beautiful baby girl weighed in at 20” long and 8 lbs 12 oz.

She began breast feeding shortly after she was returned to Ashley. She ate like a pro!

Once she was done, my mom, who had been trying to get into the delivery room for some time, and the rest of our excited family all came into the delivery room to meet our little girl.

Soon the nurse, who had been the nurse during Ashley’s younger brothers’ delivery, came back to the room to take our girl off for her bath.

She loved having warm water run over her head and pieces of afterbirth and such brushed gently from her hair. She took a while to warm up after the bath but when she did Ian and the old nurse took her up to see Ashley who had been moved, with some affair due to a near fainting incident, to the second floor.

We were in the hospital for 3 nights due to Ashley having group b strep. We went home after that and Ashley and our little girl were doing fantastic!

20160829_181449   19894806_1549770108428805_7516992187354645475_n








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