Baby Health & Safety

Baby Acne Treatments

My daughter had the most beautiful skin… for about 2 weeks. All of a sudden, her soft and smooth skin broke out with a terrible bout of baby acne. At first it wasn’t too bad and I could tell it was acne.

After about a week of no improvement and an insane amount of inflammation, I became really concerned. It was so red, bumpy, and she seemed very uncomfortable and itchy so I took a trip to the E.R (definitely a first-time mom) because I was really worried it was an allergic reaction. The doctor came in and within 2 minutes said, “Yep, it’s baby acne.”

Phew. I was thankful that’s all it was but I just couldn’t believe how bad it looked and it was just acne. I want to share these pictures with you so you know what it can look like in some cases and not to worry like I did.

It will go away eventually and it’s not life-threatening. Here are some things you can try! I tried all of these at the same time so I’m not sure if any one worked more than another or if it was a combination of things I tried. But here are some things that you can try!

** I am not a healthcare professional. These are just some things I tried on my own. My daughter’s went away significantly within a month and by 3 months old she had no baby acne.

1. Switch laundry detergent and stain remover
I had been using a different laundry detergent for my husband and I. I think some of that residue was getting on her clothes and her skin is super sensitive. I switched to Dreft Laundry detergent and re-washed all of my clothes and babies clothes. It’s a process but I think it really helped. If your baby’s skin looked like my daughter’s did, you won’t hesitate though!

**She is 10 months old and we still use some sort of sensitive detergent for all of us. Right now we are using Tide Free & Gentle because it’s a little more budget-friendly.

2. Use baby soap and lotion for sensitive skin
I had been using Johnson and Johnson lotion with lavendar scent. I think in the early stages, she needed simple fragrance-free soap and lotion for sensitive skin. (I do use that lotion now that she is older and have no issues) I switched to Cetaphil baby soap and lotion. It worked out so well for us! We use this still for any flair ups.

I haven’t tried Mustela personally but when I researched what to do (I spent WAYYYY too much time on Google) I saw people highly recommended this. It’s worth a shot!

3. Rub some….breast milk on it!
Breast milk is amazing for so many things. I expressed some milk and put it on some of her worst flair up spots and I noticed a big difference!

4. Keep baby cool
My daughter was born late August in the Midwest. It was too hot and the heat made her acne so much worse. This was the easiest method I tried and I could tell it made the biggest difference the quickest. I would just leave her in her diaper only and kept her cool with lightweight clothing.

5. Keep them from scratching themselves
We used mittens that they sell for newborns to keep them from scratching themselves with their sharp finger nails. Those helped keep her from scratching herself and making it worse. If you don’t have mittens, socks will do!

These are Carters brand. They sell them in a 3 pack set for around $6. We loved them!

6. Wait it out
This one is the hardest. It will go away on its own. It breaks your heart seeing them like that but baby acne truly wont hurt them as much as it bothers you. Just be patient, keep an eye on it, and trust your mommy gut. If you notice anything oozing or your baby has a fever, I think it’d  be worth it to visit a doctor. If you think it warrants a doctor’s visit then go. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind.

Best of luck! ❤

XOXO One Merry Mama


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