Baby Wearing

Reasons to Babywear in Water

After falling in love with my Lillebaby carrier and babywearing in general, it is no surprise that I also love babywearing in water. I am so glad I invested in my Beachfront Baby ring sling. I can’t imagine what I would do without it! Here are some benefits I have noticed while babywearing in water this summer. My experience is from many trips to our local splash pad, our vacation to the beach, and our swimming pool days with friends and my experience with a Beachfront Baby Water Sling in their retired print golden sand.

So without further ado….. Benefits to babywearing in water!

1. Eases fear of mom
Wet babies are slippery. I was terrified I would drop my daughter while out at a splash pad, swimming, or getting in and out of a pool. Babywearing in water keeps baby close to you safe and warm. My biggest fears are dissolved when I babywearing while near/in water.

2. Eases fear of baby
Water is new and scary to a baby. It makes sense that they would be afraid of it but the last thing you want is your baby to be stressed out. Babywearing in water lowers your baby’s stress so instead they can focus on taking in the new stimulus around them and learn!

3. Enjoy the water TOGETHER
By keeping your little one close to you, you get to enjoy the water together. Your little one will be high on your chest, close enough for some kisses!

4. Safer for baby This is probably the most beneficial reason to babywear in water. Your baby will be high enough on your chest that you will be able to see baby’s face at all time. This helps you keep a good watch on your baby to keep them from taking in water.

5. Awesome mesh material
My water ring sling is super lightweight EVEN WHEN WET. Some people use regular baby wraps like Moby but I really wouldn’t suggest using a heavy wrap like that that is not intended for water use. The mesh material won’t weigh you down. It’s perfect for out of water as well as it is very breathable. It’s ideal for those hot summer days to keep baby and wearer cool. The mesh dries quickly, is washable, and is super sturdy with just enough give. It feels similar to a swimsuit and is very comfortable!

6. Easy to use
They are so easy to use. I personally love a ring sling especially for water. They make for easy ups and downs. I find them ideal for getting in and out of a pool to make sure I have a good hold of my little one.

7. Saves your arms
If your little one is like mine, they will want to be held anyways. She loves water but she also loves snuggles. A water carrier helps save your arms while spending the day at the pool and helps you keep a good hold of your baby.

8. You only have 2 hands
This is going to be huge one for a lot of you. What if you have more than one kid? A water carrier helps you keep all of your kids safe by allowing for you to have one kid being worn so you have 2 hands free to assist another child. Plus, you’ll have 2 hands to play with the other kids! 🙂

XOXO Happy babywearing!


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