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Jolly Phonics Flash Cards

When I taught Kindergarten, it will come as no surprise to hear that I needed a new strategy to come up with teaching my students their letters and sounds. I firmly believe children do best when you get them moving. We can’t expect them to sit in a classroom for a full day of Kindergarten and not move.

They have so much energy and you won’t get anything out of them if you force them to sit all day and do paper/pencil activities. It will result in a lot of tears from the kids, the teacher, and the parents who have kids full of so much unused energy at the end of the day.Research has shown that students HAVE to move in the classroom and that movement increases the body’s ability to remember. Anyways, that’s when I came across Jolly Phonics!

It’s an awesome program that teaches literacy through multiple phases. The first being introducing letters and sounds using flash cards and motions. In all honesty, that’s what it comes down to with beginning to remember letters and sounds: memorization. What better way than to have a routine you do daily but that includes motions?!

*Side note, I am a HUGE advocate for music in the classroom. I have seen how powerful music is and how much it helps my students learn! My kids were always dancing, listening to music, and moving around!*

That’s when I decided to make some of my own flash cards using their motion ideas! I simply found some clip art and used powerpoint to create these adorable flash cards. Every morning, we would sing our ABC’s and get together and stand up (because they sit way too much as it is!)  and do our motions. I like to mix it up and sometimes I would have it set a station and they would draw cards and do them with their friends. Sometimes we would change our scenery and go outside or to the gym and do them.

When it became more familiar, I would mix up the cards instead of keeping them in ABC order. We would speed race through them. Flash cards don’t have to be boring! You can make it fun! I say all of this to encourage you to work with your children at home! Some of you already are, kudos! Way to go! For you, this is just another option for something simple to do at home!

I tutor preschoolers and one kiddo knew 17% of his letters and sounds at the beginning. In 2 months, he was able to recognize about 98% of his letters and sounds. That’s huge! He is one of those kids that had to be on the move all of the time and was clearly a kinesthetic learner. Flash cards CAN work for those kiddos too!

Here are my flashcards that I made. They are simple to create or you can just copy mine. I’m all about sharing with fellow parents/teachers. We have to stick together! Best of Luck and Happy Learning! ❤ 🙂

You can learn more about Jolly Phonics by visiting:

Color & Black/White PDF of flash cards can be found here for free:


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