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DIY First Birthday Tutu-orial

DIY First Birthday Tutu-orial


*My husband came up with the tutu-orial bit… He was quite proud of himself. *rolls eyes* But he’s cute and it was kind of clever, so I’ll give him that. 😉 

I have searched all over in the internet in search of instructions for a DIY first birthday tutu to no avail. I have had issues with measurements being way too long for a lot of the tutorials…

Exhibit A…


Very cute, but massive. I ended up actually turning this into a high chair tutu (tutorial on the way!) instead to avoid wasting tulle by trimming.


So, without further ado…. Instructions for a first birthday tutu!



**6 inch rolls of tulle : Choose your choice of colors but you will need about 60 yards total. I chose 3 colors but you certainly can do more or less.

**Elastic : I used 1/4 inch elastic but you can choose what size you’d like. You can also use ribbon but then it may be easier for your little one to undo on their own

**Sewing needle & thread: I sewed on my bow at the end and used this also for sewing the elastic together.




  1. Grab all your materials (and maybe a glass of wine) IMG_20170718_203056_313.jpg
  2. Measure your child’s waist. If you’re using elastic, take off about 2-3 inches. I know that seems like a lot but I learned my lesson the first time around. I saw someone suggest it and ignored it. When it was all said and done, it was huge and falling off her waist. The tulle will pull the elastic and stretch it.

  **Minus the 2-3 inches my elastic was 16 inches unstretched. My little one is in the                 50% for both weight and height.


  1. Sew the elastic ends together (or tie the ribbon)
  2. Decide how long you want your tutu to be. I found a tutu laying in her closet and liked the length of it. It was 7 inches long. I decided to make it 8 inches because I would lose some length with slip knotting each tulle piece. IMG_20170718_202845_498.jpg
  3. Find something round to place your elastic on as you work. I tried a bowl and a lamp shade but it kept coming off. I resorted to using a moving one year old or my knee. My knee was a better option. 😛
  4. Measure all of your tulle and get to cutting. I like to have them all cut out ahead of time and work all the way through. Since I decided to have mine 8 inches long, I measured out 16 inches because you will fold it in half as you tie it around the elastic.
  5. Slip knot each piece of tulle around the elastic/ribbon. PicsArt_07-18-09.57.49.jpg
  6. Continue this until placed all the way around. Don’t be afraid to squish them closer together. That will make it super poofy! 🙂                      IMG_20170718_203012_412         IMG_20170718_202748_077
  7. Add a ribbon accent if you want! You can also add some flowers or anything else really.
  8. Look at your masterpiece and take lots of pictures of your little one in her adorable tutu!IMG_20170718_202649_653

Best of Luck!

XOXO One Merry Mama


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