DIY High Chair Tutu

DIY High Chair Tutu


I love high chair tutus! They add so much to the feel of a party. I’ve seen very few tutorials out there on high chair tutus but knew I could make one on my own for a fraction of the cost that sellers on etsy have their’s listed for. I can’t believe how easy AND cheap this project was. In the end, I spent less than $10 on this craft and less than an hour as well!



**6 in rolls of tulle (choose your choice of colors but you will need about 60 yards total. I chose 3 colors but you certainly can do more or less) Walmart has a good selection of tulle for $1.79 but Michaels will have more of a variety of tulle for $2.99


**Tape (This is to secure it to your highchair. I have seen it done to use velcro dots, but I like simple so I went with tape. Whichever you prefer though! )



  1. Grab all your materials.IMG_20170718_203056_313
  2.  Measure your ribbon for how much of your highchair you would like covered. I just wanted the front covered and a little bit on the sides. Add on 3 inches to each side to allow for you to secure it to the highchair. I didn’t do anything fancy here. I just held the ribbon up to the highchair and eye-balled it. 🙂
  1. Tape the 2 ends to something so you can work. Also, distract your little one with a snack so you can work. 🙂 

  2.  Decide how long you want your tulle to fall. I have seen some tutus that touch the floor. That’s up to you! Measure all of your tulle and get to cutting. I like to have them all cut out ahead of time and work all the way through.                                            For my length, I cut each piece at 24 inches because they will be folded over in half so they will be 12 inches long when I’m done and it’s set up.  
  3. Slip knot each piece of tulle around the elastic/ribbonPicsArt_07-18-09.57.49
  4. Continue this until you reach the end of your ribbon. 

  5.  You can simply knot each end or tie a little bow and then tape to your high chair.
  6. Look at your masterpiece and take lots of pictures of your little one in her adorable tutu!

See! I told you it was simple! 🙂


XOXO One Merry Mama


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