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“Tea Rex” by Molly Idle


This book is so sweet! I love that it has integrated dinosaurs and tea because, why can’t you like both?? I love books about princesses and fairies as much as the next person, but there is something incredibly inspiring to me to find a book that tells girls, “it’s okay to like dinosaurs” Why can’t they? Dinosaurs aren’t just reserved for boys!

I think this book, “Tea Rex”, is sending a bigger message than you may realize. It’s opening our eyes as parents that maybe we shouldn’t force our kids to like gender-specific items. Barbies are great, but what if my daughter wants to play with hot wheels? So what! I should be happy and excited that she has found something she loves and is wanting to use her imagination! Same for boys with dolls. We should be happy they have found a toy to love and are practicing nurturing.

Let kids be kids. 

The illustrations are gorgeous. Like for real. They are enchanting and detailed. The words itself are simple in nature but the pictures are what bring this story to life. There is plenty of humor. My favorite is the ending after the dinosaur has basically destroyed the tea party (because, well he’s a dinosaur) This page reads “…you can rest easy, knowing that a lovely time was had by all” and the house is a disaster and the host looks worn out. Then her dinosaur friend returns the favor and she was so excited to attend his tea party. Can you say, cute!? 🙂


She tells her story in a way where she has humor with a dinosaur wreaking havoc, teaches how to throw a proper tea party, and manners all at the same time.


She also uses prose writing (first you let your guest in, next you lead them through the parlor…) It would be a super easy lesson to do a sequencing activity with or do an activity on cause & effect! The teacher in me has so many fun ideas for this book, I love it! 

Overall, this book is a wonderful read and I highly recommend! There are a lot of great things going on in this book and I think it’s an awesome book for anyone. Moms of boys or girls.

Our personal favorite way to read this book is in conjunction to a tea party.




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