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FridaBaby NoseFrida Snot Sucker

NoseFrida by FridaBaby

I was a little skeptical (ok, a LOT) about having to suck snot out of my little one’s nose. However, after actually using this product, I was so surprised to see there was nothing to be worried about. The filters are really good at protecting you from anything coming into contact with your mouth. Also, I can guarantee you when you see your little one sick you will do anything it takes to make them feel better. This really and truly is not the grossest thing you will do as a parent. I promise.

Also, have you ever cut into a bulb sucker? I find it much more gross to find mold and snot inside something I am putting inside my little one’s nose. With this, it’s easy to disassemble and clean to ensure there is no leftover snot and mold won’t develop inside your aspirator.


*note: there is a foam filter here. Your NoseFrida will come with 3 filters. You can buy additional filter replacements as needed. They have been clinically proven that bacteria will not transfer. This filter ensures there is no transfer of mucus/germs so seriously, there is no reason to fear!

I love how easy it is to put together and it’s incredibly simple to use. It’s not as intrusive as other nasal aspirators on the market. I’ve used others that when she fought it, she hurt herself by jabbing the aspirator into her nose. Not with this one. Due to the wideness of the tube, it isn’t intended to go inside their nose (and can’t).


You can get the snot simply by placing the aspirator against their nostril (instead of inside) and it does a fabulous job! My daughter doesn’t like anything in her nose, but this product really works well and I spend much less time with the NoseFrida than I did with a bulb sucker because of it’s efficiency. I consider that a win for mommy AND baby.

It has been with us through allergy season and cold season. I will not use anything near my child’s nose besides NoseFrida. You can’t beat the price, efficiency, or safety of this nasal aspirator.  I highly recommend this product! Go ahead and get yours now!



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