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Gerber Baby Hooded Towel

Gerber Baby Hooded Towel Review

I have sooo many baby towels but this is by far my favorite brand. The hood on the towel is super adorable. I have another one in the same brand that has a cute butterfly on top.


They are very soft and cuddly for your little one to warm up in after a bath. I love having the hoods on the towels because it helps keep it on my daughter otherwise she would just pull the towel off immediately and catch a chill.


The design is unlike other hooded towels in that the hood is actually built off of the fabric not overlapping the fabric so it makes for super easy wrapping around your kiddo. It is a very thin towel but I have had no issues whatsoever in drying my little one off.


They are very budget-friendlyfor close to $6/towel. They are very easy to clean and I haven’t had any fading yet and we have had ours for close to a year now.


They haven’t lost their shape either. I know it can be easy to just grab the first baby towel you see (been there), but I can definitely tell a difference in this towel compared to other brands!



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