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Milk Snob- The Wrap

I had originally reached out to Milk Snob about their famous nursing covers but came across their baby carrier wraps! I had NO idea they made wraps. I love wearing babies and love all sorts of different carriers, but this one is definitely in my top few picks of best baby carriers!


DESIGN: I have only seen one other brand of baby carriers that can compete with Milk Snob based on style/fashion and that’s Tula. I have yet to see any baby wraps that are this beautiful. I seriously can’t even handle how gorgeous this wrap is! I have the Windsor wrap and the floral print is just stunning. The colors are bright and vibrant. It’s fun to wear a carrier that is unique and has a beautiful design! It also comes with an adorable matching pouch to store it in! 🙂


USE: This wrap is very easy to use. It will take you a few times to get the hang of how to wrap it, but after that, you are set! These wraps can be used for babies up to 25 lbs. My daughter is 18 lbs and due to how stretchy the material is, I have to really make sure it is very tight and secure for my little chunker but that is no problem at all! 😉


COST: These will run you about $58 but that is well worth the price for a solid carrier you can count on.

MATERIAL: The material is so lightweight and stretchy! I usually avoid wraps in the hot Midwest summer but I have ZERO issues with this one because the material is very breathable. Also, it is super soft. Like you know the big fad with Lularoe?? Yeah, THAT soft!!


FIT: One size will fit most! After wrapping, you will have some excess that you tie in a knot in the front. I had about 2 feet left over. I just wrapped it around and tucked it in the wrap so it wasn’t in the way. Problem solved!

Why Babywear? 

I’m a firm believer that babywearing is incredibly beneficial to both mom and babies. Babywearing helps both mom and baby communicate with one another. Moms that babywear feel less stressed because of how convenient babywearing is. Typically when babies are worn, they cry less, thus they can spend their time calmly observing and learning about the world around them. These are just a few reasons why babywearing is awesome!

I love looking at different carriers to share with my fellow moms! This is a wonderful carrier I will be adding to my list of recommendations. It’s affordable, stylish, high quality, and comfy for both mom and baby. You can find yours here:

XOXO One Merry Mama

*I received this product for free but all opinions are my own. 




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