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Step 2 Rain Showers Water Table 

We love our Step 2 Rain Showers Water Table. For those of you that even slightly follow my feed, that won’t surprise you in the slightest. My daughter LOVES water, splash pads, swimming…. so why would she not love having her own mini waterpark in her backyard?! 

My only complaint is How difficult it was to put together. I have a few cuts and a nice sized blister thanks to this table. (The things we do for our kids) You have to put the legs in but then you have to put screws in as well to hold it in place. 

This wouldn’t be a big deal if there were actually holes in place (or even divets?!?) already for the screws to go but instead I had to force them through the plastic. Looking back, I probably would have been better off using a drill. The set up took about 1 hour. 

I found it easiest to use a push pin and stick the plastic where I needed to put screws and THEN screw it in. This worked well for me but it still took time. 

Minus the difficult of putting it together, I would buy it again and I am pleased with the product. I typically go into putting together toys expecting it to be a pain in the butt so I am prepared. After watching my daughter play with it, I think it was worth the price and hassle and I would do it again 😍

Pricewise, they can be expensive but t hay goes for any water table on the market. We wanted a larger one to use for parties, bbqs, play dates, and eventually siblings so we decided to fork over the extra money for a bigger table. For something that your kid will use for years, it’s worth it. Plus, they have an awesome resale value! Have you ever seen a water table on a bst post? No? That’s because it was probably already claimed within minutes! 

She loves watching me pour the water in the top tray and watch as it sprinkles down. It comes with a bucket and 2 scoops to make for some fun dumping! It even has a maze on the side that she loves to watch the water pour down and watch the spinners move. The teacher in me is already giddy about turning this into a STEM lesson… 😂 

I love how big it is. We bought this for her for her first birthday intending to have it set up for all of the kids to gather around and play! There’s even a flipper (this is my personal favorite) that you can flip the frog or duck into the pond! 

I am glad we got it when she is so young (she isn’t even 1 yet but totally loves this thing) because I know she will enjoy it for years to come! We are so glad we invested in the water table!

Xoxo one merry mama 


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