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Best Bottom Diapers All-In-One Heavy Wetter


We love our Best Bottoms All-In-One and we are totally digging the new print Celestial Sea! It is so beautiful! I love finding prints that look pretty on girls but bonus points if a boy could pull it off as well so we can use for a potential little later on! Celestial Sea totally meets those expectations. Best Bottoms has got some of the prettiest designs out there! I love how unique they are and it’s so fun to find cool designs for our little fluffy bum girl. 🙂

This is considered an All-In-One diaper but I personally wouldn’t classify it as such. The insert is separate and will need to be snapped in. This isn’t a big deal to me but I feel like it’s important to know if you are absolutely against doing any prep work on your diaper. I actually LOVE that the insert snaps in. This is actually much easier than some of my other all-in-ones.

Here’s why…

Some other all-in-ones have inner layers and they overlap one another. This is great except when you need to spray off non-breastfeeding poo. It’s easy for the poo to get trapped in between the layers and sometimes those layers fall over and you get touched with poo (yuck!) but NOT with our Best Bottoms AIO.


They are unique in that their all in one inner layer snaps on and off AND it does so at both the top and bottom. I love it and so does my hubby who does most of the diaper laundry. It makes it super easy to spray off the poo. You don’t even have to take the whole diaper into the bathroom to be sprayed. You can just undo the single layer and spray it off.

*This is also awesome because it decreased dry time after washing! Usually all in ones take a long time to dry but not this one!!   
Easy, right?? Who knew cloth diapering didn’t have to be difficult?? 🙂

In my opinion, their all in one does run a tad bit bigger which can be a pro because it will fit longer! They are made to fit babies 10-40 lbs! WOAH!! This diaper will last a long time! It does use snaps which can be intimidating at first but after a little practice, it is not a problem at all! That was one of the bigger reasons why I was nervous to cloth diaper but I learned quickly and we love to cloth diaper!


This diaper is made to really REALLY contain pee. It’s perfect for those heavy wetters! It has the bamboo insert with SIX LAYERS of bamboo viscose covered with fleece that we discussed above ^, but it also has: double leg gussets to avoid leaks and leak stoppers in the front & back.  Beside the insert, the interior itself if lined with two layers of bamboo viscose!! I’d like to see pee try to escape this diaper. Haha! I don’t typically cloth diaper overnight because of the hassle but I trust this diaper 100%!!


Another cool thing about the snaps on the inside:  they are made to fit other Best Bottoms inserts that you may already own! How cool?! I love when companies understand and don’t make your older stuff useless just to use their new stuff. Thanks Best Bottoms for truly keeping your customers best interest in mind!!


Their are snaps to adjust the rise to fit the smallest of babies to your chunky little one 🙂 The crossover waist snaps help adjust the waist to fit the littler ones and adjusts to grow with your child making this diaper last a long time! I get so excited when we find an amazing product at a great price (just $29 here.). Bonus points if it lasts a long time and it meets all of my expectations. We loved our Best Bottoms All-In-One and I highly recommend them especially if you have a heavy wetter!!


*Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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