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Flutter Nursing Clip-Modern Breastfeeding Bracelet


We absolutely love our Flutter Nursing Clip! I have found it truly makes breastfeeding so much easier! It’s a magnetic bracelet that is designed to hold your shirt up to make breastfeeding and pumping easier. No more tucking your shirt up under your chin. No more dealing with your shirt falling on baby’s face making it difficult to get a latch or dealing with a shirt getting in the way of your pump.


Seriously. This is a life saver!

The magnet is strong enough to hold even some thicker sweaters (I’ve tried). My only con with it is that it has fallen off 2 times while I was wearing it on my wrist. I don’t think this is lack of the magnet being strong enough as much as I think it was because my long sleeve shirt actually got the clasp open. Thankfully, I’ve noticed it and now I just pay more attention when I am out and about as to not lose it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Speaking of the magnet strength: it is super important to make sure to open the clasp carefully and pull open at the magnets. If you just grab the bracelet and tug, 1. it will wear out your bracelet material and 2. it will eventually cause your magnet to not be as strong. So just be careful with it!


My favorite thing that really sold me on it was the personalization. It’s not just serving as a breastfeeding accesory but it is also a special keepsake. You can personalize it with your child(ren)’s birth stone(s)! I love the many choices of material and colors of bracelets as well. I often wear my nursing clip out even when I am not planning on breastfeeding my little one just because it is so stylish!

They have many choices of collections to choose from. This one is the Rose Gold from the Metallic Collection with an August birth stone. It runs for $22 though you can follow their instagram @flutternursingclip and subscribe to their email to get discounts! You can find your’s here to purchase now:ย


Overall, I am super pleased with this and actually plan on buying more in the future!


*I received this product for free in exchange for my own honest opinion. โค


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