About “One Merry Mama”

Welcome to One Merry Mama! I’m a mom of one who has been married for about 4 years.  I majored in Elementary Education in college.  My first year out of college, I taught kindergarten for a private school and loved it!  After having my first kiddo, I decided to stay home with my little girl. Right now, I will soak in the snuggles and watch my baby grow up. My blog is my place for sharing my parenting journey including: pregnancy, birth experience, cloth diapering and baby wearing. As a follower of Jesus Christ, my faith is important to me and I thank God each day for blessing me with . I decided to start this blog to help out fellow mamas out there by answering some of their questions or concerns and simply to share with others the joys and trials of mother hood. I am glad you are here with me and look forward to this new journey!