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Teethin’ Smart EZ Grip Teether Rattle

#sorrynotsorry for my overload of teether reviews! When you find an awesome product, you just have to get it out there and share the love! Also, it is totally going in baby boy's Easter basket. 🙂 Price on this cute little guy: $6.99!! Super budget-friendly!!  You can find your's here! I love that similar to… Continue reading Teethin’ Smart EZ Grip Teether Rattle

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Teethin’ Smart EZ Grip Teether – Berry

Guys, I am teether obsessed. When I first started reviewing for Guidance Guide, that was one of the first categories I focused on. We love teethers and have teethers-galore. I am adding this teether to my list of "must-haves" for babies! For one, it's super cheap. We are talking $6.99. At that price, it's worth… Continue reading Teethin’ Smart EZ Grip Teether – Berry

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Bathin’ Smart Bath Scrub by Innobaby

Who knew bath time could be even more fun than it already was?! 🙂 Mommy and baby LOVE this thing! My only complaint is that I have to wrestle with my daughter over it because she loves it. I am not kidding. For only $10, it is worth it even just for the fun it… Continue reading Bathin’ Smart Bath Scrub by Innobaby

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Twisted Mustard Seed Heartbreaker Bag

We love our gorgeous Twisted Mustard Seed Diaper Bag! It is absolutely beautiful. The pop of color is so fun and adds a lot to your everyday wardrobe. 🙂 What I love most is how it is functional but doesn't even look like a diaper bag because it is so pretty. This bag truly is… Continue reading Twisted Mustard Seed Heartbreaker Bag

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Marpac Dohm Elite Sound Machine Review

If you are looking for an amazing sound machine that actually sounds natural and won't break the bank--this is the one for you! For the last month we have been using our Marpac Dohm Elite and have noticed an amazing difference in our daughter's sleep (and our own)!! We had been originally using an air… Continue reading Marpac Dohm Elite Sound Machine Review

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Common Breastfeeding Issues

When my husband and I took the breastfeeding class at our local hospital, I remember him saying, "I have NO idea why everyone doesn't breastfeed. It's so great!" I tried telling him that it's difficult, some people just can't, and that it's painful. While all of what I said is true, I had no idea… Continue reading Common Breastfeeding Issues

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Beachfront Baby Child Sling

Always close enough to kiss! With baby #2 on the way, I am slowly finding things that can make the transition easier for little miss. One of those things being her very own doll carrier so she won't feel left out when mommy has to hold baby #2! This is the perfect gift for anyone… Continue reading Beachfront Baby Child Sling

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National Bubble Bath Day (& GIVEAWAYS!)

January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day. Mr. Bubble, the iconic bubble bath brand that’s been sharing joyous bubbles with kids and their parents for 55+ years, is offering a contest to support those who desperately need a relaxing bubble bath. Get Ready to Bubble! Win a Year’s Supply of Bubble Bath in Honor of … Continue reading National Bubble Bath Day (& GIVEAWAYS!)

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Jenny Penny Designs Pacifier Clip

If you are like me, you get pretty tired of losing pacifiers especially when you desperately need one and can't find one. Thanks to our new pacifier clip, I will always know where at least 1 of them is! Thank goodness! 🙂 No more losing her pacifier and no more cleaning them off when they… Continue reading Jenny Penny Designs Pacifier Clip

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Flutter Nursing Clip-Modern Breastfeeding Bracelet

We absolutely love our Flutter Nursing Clip! I have found it truly makes breastfeeding so much easier! It's a magnetic bracelet that is designed to hold your shirt up to make breastfeeding and pumping easier. No more tucking your shirt up under your chin. No more dealing with your shirt falling on baby's face making… Continue reading Flutter Nursing Clip-Modern Breastfeeding Bracelet