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Holiday Gift Guide for the Family!! (Discounts included!) is ALL about Making Motherhood Easier!!! We decided to curate some of the best gifts we could think of and put them in a simple Holiday Gift Guide for YOU!! Each company has a direct link to their shop and most of them even have a special discount just for you. Happy Shopping!! Here's… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide for the Family!! (Discounts included!)

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Southwestern Teepee by Pillowfort

We bought this teepee from Target for our daughter for her first birthday. I thought it would be an awesome addition to her playroom for playing in, reading, and lounging. Eventually, I picture her sleeping under it or having friends over. We've overall been satisfied with this teepee but there are some things that could… Continue reading Southwestern Teepee by Pillowfort

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LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

Cup of tea, anyone? 🙂 If you're not a tea drinker you may be after this adorable Tea Party Set. It is seriously the cutest toy we own! The tea pot itself does so much! It lights up, bubbles, and teaches your child. It teaches them shapes, colors, counting, matching, manners and more. For example,… Continue reading LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

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Elephant Hand Puppet- Cate and Levi

Shown below is a cute little elephant puppet made by Cate and Levi! It is one of a kind and unique in design. It is made from premium reclaimed wool! I love that about this company! Because it is reclaimed materials, each puppet is handcrafted and no two puppets will be identical! Each puppet will… Continue reading Elephant Hand Puppet- Cate and Levi

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Handmade Toy Store- White Bunny

  Another place that I have found to love ordering from is....the Ukraine! Some of our favorite toys are from there and most are handmade. The quality of the products we have received from the Ukraine as a whole are incredibly sturdy and will last a long time. This white bunny from the Handmade Toy Store on… Continue reading Handmade Toy Store- White Bunny

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CubbyHoleToys Personalized Puzzle Name Stool

I absolutely love this Name Puzzle Stool from CubbyHoleToys on Etsy! The price is perfect for a solid and sturdy piece of furniture. I love that it's personalized with my daughter's name. Can you say, "CUTE!!" 🙂 The pastel letters are adorable and work really well together. I knew with her being more independent, it… Continue reading CubbyHoleToys Personalized Puzzle Name Stool

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Step 2 Rain Showers Water Table 

We love our Step 2 Rain Showers Water Table. For those of you that even slightly follow my feed, that won't surprise you in the slightest. My daughter LOVES water, splash pads, swimming.... so why would she not love having her own mini waterpark in her backyard?!  My only complaint is How difficult it was… Continue reading Step 2 Rain Showers Water Table 

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Oskar & Ellen Fabric English Afternoon Tea Set

This tea set is PERFECT for your little one! All Oskar & Ellen toys are hand made and are excellent quality. We love having pretend tea parties with our set! It comes with so many cute items: sandwich, strawberries, tarts, tea pot, cups, tea bags, and so much more.  It has 24 pieces and they… Continue reading Oskar & Ellen Fabric English Afternoon Tea Set